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Hey, I'm Alex Holmes

"My mission is to seek clarity and go deeper. Love deeper, longer and courageously by making time to talk through wholehearted conversation."

My name is Alex Holmes, professionally known as Alex Reads, and my mission is to help people find a sense of belonging as an antidote to disconnection in this heavily ‘connected’ world through engaging, wholehearted conversations and taking the time to talk about the issues so we can live in a more authentic and freer society.

My Story

As is typical with most men, I never spoke about the issues at hand.


Whether that meant issues around toxic thinking, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, body-weight issues, sexuality, relationships, spiritual matters and more, I shunned away from it due to feelings of inadequacy, shame and worthlessness. 


Through my life experiences, upbringing and social conditioning I had taught myself not to speak about where it hurt: on the inside. In the heart. 


I slowly began to realise that not addressing these problems led me to have a negative relationship with myself. I became lonely, isolated, uncommunicative,  and frightened of the world. All the things they say men should not be. 


The cycle began to break after I had three panic attacks and quickly realised that my mental health was directly affecting my physical and spiritual health. It was time for me to seek professional help, discover the power of opening up, healing and unlearning the narrative I had created for myself. 


Now, it was time to talk and I endeavour to help people heal on their journey to healthy vulnerability and wholehearted living through my writing, podcast and developing workshops and coaching programmes for people who need a guiding hand. 


I host a podcast called Time To Talk which opens up space for guests to talk about vulnerable topics and encourages them to challenge listeners to live a wholehearted life. 

I am currently writing a book with Trigger publishing, called 'Time To Talk: How Men Feel About Love, Belonging and Connection' to be released in April 2021. 

My desire is to remind and encourage people that they have a right to belong whether that be speaking to teens in schools and colleges, facilitating workshops for leaders in corporate and education settings, or keynotes to wider communities.

If you would like to book me for a speaking or writing opportunity please look here, or alternatively contact my agent Natalie Jerome here.



Between 2015 and 2018, I worked as a full-time journalist winning a national scholarship to work on a national newspaper covering general news and entertainment. I have written for publications such as Telegraph, Daily Mail, Metro, Metro.co.uk, The Bookseller, Balance and I am a regular contributor to the Sarah Brett Show on Radio 5 Live for the weekly Book for the Commute segment.