On Fitting In: You Can't Bloom In Someone Else's Season.

No matter how hard you try.

It's odd, isn't it, that we consistently look elsewhere for approval and validation?

Fitting in is always a past-time we fall in service to. The meaning remains in the sentence.

Past. Time.

We are leaving the notion of fitting in behind us.

Ask yourself why so many times when we try to fit in we don't feel comfortable?

It comes with its own recollections of discomfort. It pushes against a nerve.

It holds us hostage as we are watched from afar and given the nod of approval from a person who doesn't see us as who we really are.

How can we bloom in someone else's garden?

How can we bloom in someone else's season?

Ask yourself that before you try to sequester yourself in the company of a life you don't belong to.



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