On Pain: We're Taught Our Emotions Aren't Welcome

Your emotions are welcome here.

Pain lives in the body.

It permeates through each digit on our hand, and through the bones of our existence.

Who are we when we are walking with our head down while in company?

It isn't ourselves.

We shrink because we are told we are less than for sharing.

When your eyes fill with water to the brink of ultimate devastation and eruption, we try to hide the currents.

The outpouring of emotion isn't welcome here. Who is going to clean up the puddles? Who is going to dab your damp cheeks when they are fertilised with trauma?

Men, we are hiding ourselves from ourselves. We are strong, but we are not invincible.

Grandpa may have said for you to never show your weakness. He may have also been physical with you. He may have told you, you were not a girl - as if you didn't know.

Pops might have told you to be more of a man. To fight. To be a warrior.

But the strongest warriors understand the difference between pain and delusion.

We can't keep deluding ourselves into thinking we are pain-free.

Women, your backs are broken but you hate to show it.

You have been walked all over too many times. They said you were too much, but you were just feeling.

They said you were a mess, but aren't we all?

Aren't we allowed to be tired? To be full? To know when we are empty?

Stiff backs break easiest.

Your emotions are welcome here.



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