On Self-Trust: Let Go Of Who You Were

When was the last time you trusted yourself to make a decision that was ultimately right for you?

We spend a lot of time not trusting our own actions in life.

This is mainly because we know they don't align with what we feel, but are typically led by what we are thinking.

Thinking and feeling are connected to one another, but when we disconnect our thinking and feeling it shows up in our actions.

Your thinking is rooting you in misery and your past, and thus is collecting power in your actions.

How many times have you made a decision you did not want to do because you felt that you wouldn't get the approval you had been conditioned to believe to required?

The friends you have made, who weren't even friends at all, that made your heart tremble and soul-shake, but you ignored it because you thought that is what you needed?

The partner you were with because you thought you needed love, and despite all the way you felt, the way your body ached, your mind was convincing you otherwise.

So you stayed while you both wore each other down.

When did your thoughts last betray your intuition?

How did you recover from that?

It is time to free yourself. It is time to let go of who you were and begin to trust yourself.

You belong to you, and no one else.

You will know when it doesn't feel right. Work in conjunction with the mind, not in service to it.



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