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Speaking gets us closer to healing. 


Speaking about mental health on stage, podcasts and radio is important for my message in the fight to combat loneliness, expand conversations on belonging, love and connection, and how to fight toxic thoughts by using the 'Heartset' techniques I regularly share through emotional wellness as an essential practice. 

Through my extremely empathetic and relatable approach to communication around mental health, emotional wellbeing and being empowered through confident conversation, my public speaking style lends itself to:

  • Conversations on men and mental health 

  • Improving emotional health through conversation

  • Empowering yourself through storytelling 

  • Understanding self-love among men of all backgrounds

  • The journey to therapy, and why men need it

  • Opening the heart to wholehearted vulnerability

  • The importance of living well: body image, combatting stress and managing anxiety

If those suit,

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