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Time to Talk with Alex Reads is for those who are on a journey to seek clarity, love deeper and courageously by having open and honest conversations about things that really matter.

On Tuesdays, I speak to amazing guests about their lives, lessons and perspectives. 

On Fridays, Notes To Self and #TimeToTalkBooks explore these topics deeper.

I have worked with many public figures ranging from Johnny Benjamin, Emma Gannon, Siana Bangura and DeRay Mckesson.

If you would like to pitch a guest for the show, please email below.

Podcast Consultancy: 


As a podcaster, I have weekly heartfelt and heart-centred conversations. 

I can help you create engaging, authentic and impactful stories in audio form with five years of industry experience, and accolades to my name. 


From producing my own Time To Talk podcast, and the award-winning Mostly Lit I have worked with brands such as Metro Newspaper, Claret Publishing and It's All Blakademik from launch to completion. 


I have extensive experience in working with podcasters, platforms, editing software and production companies to help brands grow, tell their stories and make an impact.