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Work with me: 

Podcast Consultancy: 

Creating podcasts is a huge passion of mine. From producing my own Time To Talk to the award-winning Mostly Lit, and working with brands such as Metro Newspaper, Claret Publishing and It's All Blakademik I have extensive experience in working with podcasters, platforms and productions to help brands grow, tell their stories and make an impact. 


I have written about men's health, wellbeing, mental health and lifestyle in features and columns for several years. My last column was on Metro.co.uk called MenTalk Health.  I have also written for Balance and Metro News on these topics. See here.



Speaking gets us closer to healing. Speaking about mental health at schools, in the workplace, and on podcasts and radio is important for my message in the fight to combat loneliness, expand conversations on belonging, love and connection, and how to fight toxic thoughts by using the 'Heartset' techniques I regularly share through emotional wellness as an essential practice.  


Workshop Facilitating: Storytelling and Communication

Turn speaking into action with my 'Heartset' workshop on emotional wellbeing, goal-setting and confidence-building to help people tell their stories and express the fullness of their lives to enhance their careers, personal goals and vitality with this workshop.  


Time To Talk workshops extends my podcast to full-on interaction, centred on a conversation for personal growth and men's wellbeing, emotional health and life conversations. 


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